New Hope Auto and Truck use state-of-the-art and accurate diagnostic systems to inform customers about what repairs their vehicle needs. We want to make sure that we analyze and review your vehicle closely so that we don’t overlook any other needed repairs.

Your safety is our top priority more than anything. Your vehicle is not only for you but for your loved one, pets, friends, and more. Making a tiny mistake can result in something more serious or even lead to more repairs in the future. New Hope Auto and Truck wants to get it right the first time, and we do not have an issue referring customers to another repair company to ensure the best results.

We perform an electrical diagnostic on the vehicle to see if any internal issues are preventing the vehicle from functioning correctly. The diagnostic allows us to assess and inspect the vehicle much better than if we do it manually. Once we’ve run diagnostics and see what needs to be fixed, we can begin repairing and working with customers on the next steps with their vehicle.


New Hope Auto and Truck perform engine and engine light diagnostics, charging system diagnostics, and ABS diagnostics.